Active Living Chiropractic & Massage brings affordable and convenient Chiropractic care and Massage therapy to patients at our Highland Park location.  Our team provides a whole body approach to health that targets the cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.   Regular chiropractic care, massage therapy, stress management, along with good nutrition and sufficient exercise can help your entire family become healthier and happier.

Better Health, Better Living.

Dr Bradley T. Friel

Active Living Chiropractic

             & Massage

1964 Sheridan Road, Suite #1 Highland ParkIL 60035


(847) 681-1920

Mon-Wed-Fri  9am - 6pm

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Sat  9am - 1pm

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Active Living Chiropractic and Massage has been at the forefront of wellness care on the North Shore since 1997.  We promote the benefits of relaxing massage therapy and healthful chiropractic care to enhance your active and healthy lifestyle.